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  • Tripods
    Most of you who have worked with me for a long time know that I love tripods. This is Tootie (Brutus) when he graduated from rehab. Here you can see that he Read more
  • Pretzel & Joe
    Pretzel (left) and Joe (right) waiting to see me on a recent visit. (I think that I wrote about Pretzel some time ago.) I've seen Pretzel for a long time. When she was Read more
  • Millie
    When Millie had a sudden injury to her back leg, her people brought her in to KVet. They have been clients for a long time. Also (and Millie might not know this), Read more
  • Whisper
    Whisper has been a chiropractic patient of mine since I began at K. Vet in early 2012. He's been a veterinary patient of Dr. Konegger's longer than that. Initially, I saw Whisper Read more
  • More Babies!
    Otter first came to see me at about 6 months old. Like all new patients at KVet, Otter first saw one of our veterinarians. Otter's family is partial to Dr. Konegger. Again, Read more
  • Babies
    Taavi has an appointment to see me next week. He is a few months old. I was recently talking to Taavi's mom, and she asked me if she could bring Taavi Read more
  • Newton
    This is the only picture that I have of Newton. You might be able to tell that coming in to the office is not exactly Newton's favorite thing. I first saw Newton Read more
  • Vacation
    Benny was on vacation last week. As it worked out, so was I. He spent a lot of time in the neighbors' yard, helping them with their garden and playing with Read more
  • Working at the Front Desk
    I was not working at the front desk. That would just be too scary for everyone. There were some moments at the front desk last week that reminded me that the women Read more
  • Dachshunds
    I've taken care of so many dachshunds. Yet I have surprisingly few pictures of them. I'm pretty sure that Alli won't mind being the poster child for her breed. (My apologies to Read more

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