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  • Arlo
    Arlo is a young pup.  Do not be fooled by his large size.  He is still growing! Arlo has a problem with how his joints are developing, especially in his left Read more
  • Rehab Misconceptions
    Recently, Dr. Konegger shared with me an article by Matt Brunke, a friend of KVet's at VOSM in Maryland. From his article, here are two misconceptions that come up often. "My surgery Read more
  • Brutus the Boxer
    Brutus is a young boxer pup.  (And super cute!) Unfortunately, he had an accident with a pickup truck a few months ago. Right after the accident Brutus was treated at an emergency Read more
  • Murphy
    Murphy is a big personality in a handsome lab body. Unfortunately, pain and weakness in his back end were slowing him down and keeping him from being fully active in his Read more
  • Rehab Team Meetings
    About once a month, the Rehab Team meets together at the Cabin. We discuss the cases that are currently under our care. We compare notes about where each case is doing well, Read more
  • Animal Talk with Tegan
    On Saturday, Dr. Hougentogler mentioned to me that he had recorded his first show with Tegan, for Animal Talk With Tegan. You may not know that KVet sponsors a local, half Read more
  • Cats & Chiropractic
    Recently, a number of cats have come into our Chiropractic practice. I have always had cats in my practice, but recently we have welcomed several new ones. It may be harder for Read more
  • Knee Surgery
    Sometimes the injury to a dog's knee (called a stifle) is bad enough that surgery is the best option. Certainly, when it has been necessary, we have referred pets out to Read more
  • Gabe
    This is Gabe rocking the Underwater Treadmill at a Rehab appointment last week. Gabe is Dr. Konegger's dog, and we are helping him get back some of the strength that time Read more
  • Updates
    I wrote about Olivia last winter. I recently spoke to her mom, and Olivia is doing great. She has made a complete recovery from her injury and is happily engaged in her Read more

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