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  • Jacob
    25 years ago today I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. Wow! While I was in chiropractic college I had a dog named Jacob, and he helped introduce me Read more
  • Try the Underwater Treadmill
    Ever wonder if the Underwater Treadmill might benefit your dog? Now might be the ideal time to find out! We are making more time available at the Cabin on S. Main Street Read more
  • George
    We've been working with George's family for a long time now. Lately, though, George has not been keeping up with the other members of his family. We have all been working hard Read more
  • Brutus Hoards Toys
    I am told that we can tell that Brutus is feeling better because he has resumed hoarding the toys at his house. This arrangement of the toys on the couch are Read more
  • Diddy
    Diddy has a lot of people who care about him. Over the last several years he has been a under the steady care of KVet, seeing Dr. Konegger for Acupuncture and Read more
  • Keeping a dog happy.
    I often see a dog (or any other animal, for that matter) when they can no longer do something that they previously did. I like to ask the people what their Read more
  • Thank you!
    Hey!  We all know that KVet is a pretty special place. Lately we've had the chance to share what we do with some other student practitioners. Over the last few weeks we've Read more
  • New Challenges
    Daisy doesn't even know that she is working on coordinating her hind leg with the opposite side front leg. She probably doesn't care, either, as long as the bites of hot Read more
  • Laser
    Our therapeutic laser is a Class IV laser, from Companion Laser. Companion Laser is made by LiteCure, makers of the same FDA approved machine for treating people. Class IV has to do Read more
  • Is surgery necessary?
    In a traditional veterinary practice, when a stifle (analogous to the human knee) injury is diagnosed, the most common recommendation in surgery. But, is surgery always necessary? At KVet we have lots Read more

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