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  • You get the best care from the best practitioners.
    I thought that you might be interested in how we, at KVet, are being recognized by our peers. Of course, all of this recognition is made possible by all of you Read more
  • Help Em Up
    Here's Tupper in the treatment area of KVet.  The harness that he has on is made by a company called HelpEmUp.  It's built to allow you to assist your dog Read more
  • What if something breaks?
    The first time that we saw Newton he was not sitting up like this.  If fact, he was just laying on his side, unable to get up, and in a Read more
  • Pup Walk 6/12/16
    Cat, Stacey and I were at the Pup Walk to benefit the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society on Sunday, June 12, at the Waterfront. It was a great day, full of friendly Read more
  • Massage Therapy
    Lots of you know Stacey here at KVet. If you have been to the Rehab office, you have likely worked with her. She is always enthusiastic about her work with your animal Read more
  • Cute Pictures
    At the office, Katie has organized a game for the staff.  Each of us was to bring in a baby picture.  Now, the game is on for each of us Read more
  • Shoulder Dislocation
    Everyone likes to show off their look when they're at Rehab! We first met Shadow several years ago.  He had come to see us for shoulder instability.  He had already had Read more
  • Importance of X-Rays
    In this pile of leaves is a Corgi named Jake. Jake is busy and active.  He does agility, has tried herding, runs laps around the outside of his house and will Read more
  • Bogey Gets His Wheels
    I was in a class a few months ago, and I had to present a case to my classmates. I talked about Bogey. I discussed the degenerative neurologic problem that Bogey has Read more
  • Mother's Day
    Even though my blog is posted on Monday, my wife thought that I should do a post on Mothers Day. I know that this picture of Sage and Marianne is a Read more

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