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  • Rehabilitation for Nerve Damage
    Callie's person, Julie, tells me that this is her favorite picture of Callie.  It definitely captures what a happy girl Callie is. When Callie was in Florida earlier this year, she Read more
  • Rehabilitation for Agility
    Geraldo loves to do agility! This handsome guy has been doing agility for a long time now.  Like any athlete striving to excel in a sport, Geraldo has had a lot Read more
  • Rehabilitation Team
    Toby was an early helper in getting us all ready to do Rehab, even before our center was open. It really takes a great, and dedicated team to make our Rehab Read more
  • Chiropractic for Deteriorating Discs
    Brody. On a recent Saturday, I saw Brody for his monthly chiropractic visit.  I've been taking care of him for nearly 2 years, and now he comes in every 4 weeks Read more
  • Teddy's New Wheels
    I promised some of our vet techs that I would share this video. This is Teddy. This is the first time that we've seen him in his cart.  It is also Read more
  • Rehabilitation for Hip Replacement Surgery
    Sam recently had his hip replaced.  Yes, just like a person, a dog can have his hip replaced too. In this picture, Sam's person is helping him weave between the poles Read more
  • Underwater Treadmill Therapy
    Pawla has been in our Rehab program for several weeks now. She has lots of health issues, and has responded really well to her Rehab sessions. We've been primarily using exercise and Read more
  • Massage Therapy
    Massage is as awesome for dogs as it is for people! It can play an important role in keeping the body working as well as possible, keeping joints flexible and comfortable, Read more
  • Student Training
    A few years ago, I was showing another chiropractor some of the work that I do.  My wife, Marianne, was serving as the patient for this demonstration. When we were done, Read more
  • Sage
    Like any proud dad, I want to write a blog post about my dog! Sage will be 12 in March, and it has really taken the whole team at K.Vet to Read more

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