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  • Lilly
    Marianne and I said good bye to Lilly last week. She was our sweet companion for many years. In fact, it occurred to me that Lilly was part of my life longer Read more
  • Bo
    I have had the good fortune of working with Bo's family for a long time, with several dogs. Bo came into my experience recently when he needed surgery on his knee Read more
  • Dogs and Cats aren't the only beings we adjust around here!
    This past week, Wildlife Works brought in a Chicken for chiropractic care. They suspected that the chicken had been hit by a car. I neglected to get a picture of me adjusting Read more
  • It's not just a stifle.
    A dog's knee is called a stifle. We help lots of dogs with stifle injuries. Not only are these types of injuries common, but we offer lots of options for the care Read more
  • Meka
    I know that K. Vet shared Meka's graduation picture on their Facebook page on Thursday. Did you notice all of the blankets behind her? Usually blankets covering the floor of the rehab Read more
  • Trey
    How cool is it that a three legged dog is named Trey?! Trey is a very cool pup. I didn't have any pictures of him to include in the previous blog post Read more
  • Tripods
    Most of you who have worked with me for a long time know that I love tripods. This is Tootie (Brutus) when he graduated from rehab. Here you can see that he Read more
  • Pretzel & Joe
    Pretzel (left) and Joe (right) waiting to see me on a recent visit. (I think that I wrote about Pretzel some time ago.) I've seen Pretzel for a long time. When she was Read more
  • Millie
    When Millie had a sudden injury to her back leg, her people brought her in to KVet. They have been clients for a long time. Also (and Millie might not know this), Read more
  • Whisper
    Whisper has been a chiropractic patient of mine since I began at K. Vet in early 2012. He's been a veterinary patient of Dr. Konegger's longer than that. Initially, I saw Whisper Read more

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