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  • Abbie
    On her graduation day from Rehab, Abbie chose to sport her bandana. A very talented KVet client makes those for us, and only Rehab graduates get one. I don't have one! I have Read more
  • Chaos
    Chaos is the dog's name. Not a situation at the office. This beautiful and sweet girl is a cane corso. I have worked with other dog's in her extended family. So, when Chaos Read more
  • Nikita
    Nikita came to visit us recently and she is a very special kitty. She is polydactyl, meaning she has more than the normal amount of toes! Cats normally have 18 Read more
  • Saturdays
    As many of you know, I will no longer be at KVet on Saturdays. For today's blog, I will share some pictures from this past Saturday, which was my last regularly Read more
  • Seasons Change
    I love spring time! I enjoy watching my least favorite time of year (winter) wind down, and weather I enjoy much more start to take hold. Just like the weather around us, Read more
  • Sahara Goes Dock Diving!
    I mentioned to the KVet office manager, Brittany, that one of my Chiropractic patients had made it to Nationals for Dock Diving. Dr. Konegger overheard the conversation, and commented that we Read more
  • Ammo
    Ammo and his person have made a big impression on the office, even though we have only worked together for a few weeks. Ammo was in such agony the first time Read more
  • Ceilidh
    Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) is an intense character. She's intense about fun, about work, and about those she loves. One of the reasons that I picked Ceilidh for this blog is that she Read more
  • Time
    I know that Haley would not mind me using a picture of her. We've been pals for a long time. Haley comes up from Morgantown, WV to see me. She likes to have Read more
  • Hannah
    I love people and their animals! This is Hannah, one of the veterinary technicians at KVet. I asked her for a picture for the blog, and, of course, she sent a picture Read more

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