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  • Ceilidh
    Ceilidh (pronounced Kay-lee) is an intense character. She's intense about fun, about work, and about those she loves. One of the reasons that I picked Ceilidh for this blog is that she Read more
  • Time
    I know that Haley would not mind me using a picture of her. We've been pals for a long time. Haley comes up from Morgantown, WV to see me. She likes to have Read more
  • Hannah
    I love people and their animals! This is Hannah, one of the veterinary technicians at KVet. I asked her for a picture for the blog, and, of course, she sent a picture Read more
  • Regina Update
    Have I got an amazing story for you! I posted a blog about Regina in mid-December. More recently, Regina's dad had said that he went back to look at the post, and Read more
  • Greyson
    This is one of mom's favorite pictures of Greyson. Who could resist? I have taken care of quite a few dogs in Greyson's family. He might not know that. But it has been amazing Read more
  • Cooper
    It's hard to get a picture of Cooper where nothing is blurry. This young puppy is in constant motion! A couple of months ago, Cooper broke his right front foot. As they always Read more
  • Visit with Will
    Over the weekend my wife, Marianne, and I took our young dog, Benny, to visit Will. Will has long been my buddy, and has quickly become Benny's buddy too. Will has seemingly Read more
  • Moxie
    Moxie Moxie came in to KVet on December 1. She had a spell where she "could not use her legs." This came on suddenly with nothing reported to provoke it. After a thorough veterinary Read more
  • Gratitude
    Benny and I are enjoying a fairly quiet holiday weekend. And that is definitely okay with me! It's been a busy end to a very busy year. Thank goodness for that. But some recovery Read more
  • Teaching & Training
    Teaching & Training As many of you know, I was away teaching at The Healing Oasis in Wisconsin last weekend. I travel several times a year to teach other animal chiropractors. Next weekend, Read more

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