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  • My New Puppy, Benny
    My new Puppy, Benny So, is it cheating if I write a blog featuring my new puppy? I don't know.  But here goes! Like any new dad, I couldn't be prouder of this new Read more
  • Mowgli Rocks Rehab!
    Mowgli Rocks Rehab! Everyone who has worked with Mowgli in rehab thinks he is really cool! Here he is working on the wobble board with Saralynne. We certainly have not seen a lot Read more
  • Jeffery the Ferret
    Jeffery the Ferret Thursday evening Dr. Hougentogler came looking for me. He asked me if I'd like to adjust a ferret. Well....  Yes! Jeffery had gotten into trouble at home. He fell out a second Read more
  • Delta & Tuxedo
    Delta & Tuxedo I got some more massage pictures after I posted last week's blog. I'm sure that Delta (above) and Tuxedo (following) would not be happy with me if I left Read more
  • Massage Therapy
    Massage Tank is loving his massage! You may not know this, but Stacey is certified in massage for animals. In addition to being integrally involved in the rehab visits, Stacey has been providing Read more
  • Ember
    Ember Ember is another dog that has completely unbridled enthusiasm for her chiropractic visits. What a joy! Not only is Ember excited to come to see me, she is also quite miffed if Read more
  • Will
    Will I think that Will would tell you that coming to KVet to get adjusted is amazing fun! Clearly, I enjoy his visits also. On the day that we took these pictures last Read more
  • PEMF
    PEMF Daisy has come to see me for chiropractic for some time now. In this picture Daisy is working with her person to develop a home program to keep her as healthy Read more
  • Tequila
    Tequila Tequila would have been 8 years old at the end of June. Unfortunately, he passed away suddenly a little over a week ago. It is startling how these amazing companions can be Read more
  • Canine Rehab - Thoughts From A Human PT
    Finn is working hard at rehab. Recently, Dr. Hougentogler did surgery on Finn's hip. Now, he is in rehab to get a full recovery. Finn's mom, Joni, is a physical therapist (for people). Since Read more

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