January 2016 - Sadie

January's Dental Spotlight - Sadie 

Sadie, a 1-1/2 year old Shit Tzu, was presented to K. Vet for retained baby teeth as a referral from her regular vet. Sadie was examined by our doctor and her blood work checked for anesthesia safety. We were able to visualize 2 retained teeth during the exam for which Sadie was very, very wiggly! Often a full mouth evaluation requires sedation to be able to examine every aspect of a dog's or cat's mouth. 

Under anesthesia a total of 10 retained baby teeth were diagnosed. Dental xrays showed several of those baby teeth not having an adult tooth underneath. This explained why her baby teeth were still present, as the adult tooth's job is to push the baby tooth out. 

All baby teeth were surgically extracted to prevent chronic pain and bone cysts from forming in Sadie's jaw. This is a common long term problem with retained baby teeth or missing adult teeth. 

Sadie recovered beautifully from her dental TEAM procedure and is looking forward to a long and healthy life! 


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