December 2016 - Dolly

Dolly has been coming to K. Vet since she was 2 months old. We have been taking care of all her puppy vaccines and preventative care. We have enjoyed watching this little pug grow!

At 6 months of age we scheduled her for ovariohysterectomy (spay surgery). During our thorough pre-surgical exam multiple retained deciduous (baby) teeth were noted. At this age all baby teeth should have been replaced by permanent teeth and all non permanent teeth should have fallen out. Retained deciduous teeth place a health risk, as they have a tendency to break and trigger infections, as well as impact food adjacent to permanent teeth leading to decay.

Under anesthesia Dolly’s mouth was examined more completely and all teeth “charted”, meaning we took note of each tooth’s gum depth in multiple spots as well as document abnormalities. 5 baby teeth were found in total! After completion of her spay surgery we moved Dolly to our dental suite to complete the surgical removal of those baby teeth. We always take dental x-rays after extractions to ensure no root fragments were left behind. This is how we found an impacted premolar, which means the tooth is lodged in the jaw and will not erupt on its own. If not removed, these impacted teeth can form cysts later in life and cause substantial bone loss and pain. We surgically removed that tooth as well.

Dolly healed quickly and very well! We are now working with Dolly and her mom to keep her teeth and gums in top condition!


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