January 2017 - Sweetie

January's Dental Spotlight - Sweetie

I wanted to comment on the excellent results of the dental procedure performed this past August on my cat Sweetie. After rescuing Sweetie as a two year old stray from the streets of Greensburg, I took her to K-Vet for spaying and complete vetting. She was a two year old cat that weighed only about 6 1/2 pounds at the time. She was diagnosed as FELV positive by Dr. Krenicki and when I told her I still wanted to keep her, Dr. Krenicki recommended removal of all her teeth. Because they were in terrible condition and her gums were severely infected and would continue to adversely impact her condition. I was a bit skeptical at the time but agreed. A few days later, I brought Sweetie back for the procedure that Dr. Krenicki performed and I took her home later that day.  She recovered very quickly and by the next day was easily eating her wet food. Her appetite rapidly increased because she no longer had painful teeth and gums bothering her. Furthermore, she was eating dry cat food with no problems only a week after her surgery. Within the next couple months her weight increased from an emaciated 6 1/2 pounds to her current weight, a healthy 11 pounds. Dr. Krenicki was both caring and professional and I could not have asked for better care for my beautiful little tabby cat, Sweetie. Thanks to K-Vet and Dr. Krenicki for their expertise in performing this  dental procedure.

Bob Thornton

Greensburg, PA

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