October 2016 - Arnie

Arnie, a 7 year old Jack Russell Terrier, was presented to K. Vet Animal Care by his worried owner, as they had noticed red and inflamed gums and possible a loose tooth. Arnie was active, eating and drinking normally at home. Upon physical exam gingivitis and focal gingival recession were diagnosed and we scheduled Arnie for his dental TEAM procedure.

Once under anesthesia, the dental technician and doctor got to fully examine Arnie’s mouth, which is not always possible in our patients while awake. A comprehensive oral exam under anesthesia involves the visual inspection of the lips, gums, teeth, tongue, hard and soft palate and throat as well as the palpation of the jaws and submandibular lymphnodes and salivary glands. Each tooth get charted and probed with a periodontal probe measuring the depth of gum pockets in 4-6 places. This was the presence and severity of gum recession and periodontal disease can be determined.

What we found on Arnie was several of his incisors to be loose with deep gum pockets around them and also gum recession. There was an abnormal growth on the roof of his mouth (palate), which was an unusual location for a tumor to appear.

Like all our dental patients, Arnie got a full dental x-ray series looking again at each tooth and its roots. The x-ray capturing the lesion on his palate was forwarded to a dental specialist via email and determined to be a rare, but most likely benign tooth tumor. Recommendations were to not attempt to remove it at this point, but to monitor for any potential changes in the future.

Arnie recovered fully from his dental TEAM procedure and now gets dental x-rays twice a year to keep an eye on his rare growth.


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