November 2016 - Curry

Curry, a 12 year old Domestic Shorthair, has been a patient of K. Vet Animal Care since 2014. He is a diabetic requiring insulin injections daily. Until recently his glucose levels were controlled with our treatment, but suddenly that changed. He became unregulated, meaning his blood sugar levels were consistently too high.

A common cause for diabetic patients to develop sugar regulation issues can be an underlying infection. Routine blood work and urinalysis were performed. No other abnormalities but high blood glucose and glucose in his urine were noted. During his physical exam, the source of the infection was found to be in his mouth! Severe and advanced dental disease with heavy calculus, gingivitis and halitosis were evident.

Curry was scheduled for his dental TEAM procedure. After comprehensive oral exam under anesthesia and dental radiographs multiple issues were identified. Curry was missing several tooth crowns (part of tooth visible in the mouth) but roots of those teeth had fractured and were retained inside his jaw. Several teeth showed resorptive lesions and enamel damage. Some had deep bifurcations between the tooth roots at the gum level, allowing our dental probe to go all the way through. These are commonly painful teeth, sensitive to cold and hot as well as pressure.

We performed oral surgery on Curry removing all debilitated teeth. He recovered easily and quickly and within a month after his dental TEAM procedure, his glucose curve was perfect again!


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