May 2017 - Lucy

Dental Spotlight: Lucy

Lucy is one of our TCVM and acupuncture patients. During one of her visits her caretaker mentioned her bad breath and that she had been pawing at her face intermittently.

Upon full physical and oral exam our veterinarian noted heavy calculus and gingivitis affecting Lucy. Based on those findings we recommended pursuing a dental TEAM procedure for Lucy. Preoperative blood work was sent to our reference lab as part of our treatment plan.

Once under anesthesia we obtained full mouth dental radiographs to evaluate each tooth and tooth roots. Our veterinarian was also able to accomplish a more detailed full oral exam with Lucy sleeping and diagnosed a slightly purplish discolored tooth. This indicates previous trauma to the tooth affecting the blood supply. A tooth like that is no longer viable and potentially painful.  The tooth was removed via oral surgery after application of local anesthetics.  She also underwent a full dental cleaning with sealing of the periodontal space with Sanos and post surgical laser therapy. A few other teeth with pathologies identified on x-rays and oral exam were removed as well.

Lucy felt better immediately! She is doing well after surgery and no longer suffers from halitosis. The pawing at her face stopped the day of her dental TEAM procedure!


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