October 2017 - Shelby

Dental Spotlight: Shelby

Shelby originally presented to us because of a firm mass on her front right leg her care giver had noticed recently. Our veterinarian analyzed a fine needle aspirate from the growth and recommended surgery with histopathology.

During preparation for surgery Shelby also received a full dental exam like all our surgery patients do. Our veterinarian found her upper right canine to be fractured.

Upon closer inspection it was obvious that the fracture had been caused by Shelby’s malocclusion, meaning the incorrect alignment of her teeth and jaws. Her lower right canine came to sit on the inside of her upper right canine. Normally the lower canine should sit in front of and on the outside of the upper canine.

Due to this malocclusion Shelby had suffered a tooth fracture of her upper right canine and worn away the remaining tooth over time to the point that her sensitive pulp chamber was exposed and causing pain.

Shelby’s fractured tooth was surgically extracted. No other abnormalities were found and a full dental cleaning performed.  She recovered very well, and is feeling great!


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