September 2017 - Molly

Dental Spotlight: Molly

Molly was close to 6 months old when she came to us for her pre-operative bloodwork for her spay procedure. At that time we noted that she had retained several baby teeth. In dogs and cats all baby teeth should have fallen out and been replaced by their permanent teeth by 6 months of age. Smaller breeds and brachycephalic dog breeds have a tendency to retain baby teeth.

On the day of her surgery we were able to fully assess her mouth once under anesthesia. She had lost one more baby tooth, but was still presenting with a total of 12 baby teeth, some without a permanent replacement tooth peeking through her gums. We obtained full mouth dental radiographs to look for non erupted adult teeth.

As it turns out Molly was 5 permanent teeth short, meaning the baby tooth was not a placeholder for a permanent tooth and was not going to be pushed out and replaced as it would normally happen. Since these baby teeth are not expected to last for a long time, they lead to gum disease and decay when not extracted. Surgical intervention was required to remove all retained baby teeth.

Molly recovered beautifully from her procedures. Within a few weeks the remaining permanent teeth appeared. She is doing splendid!


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