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Just like with humans pets require vaccines to keep them protected against preventable diseases.  There are several needed vaccines that must be administered at different points throughout your pet's life.  Let's take a more in-depth look at vaccines at K. Vet Animal Care in Greensburg, PA and why they are important.  

Veterinarian holding syringe with cat on veterinarian table

What are Vaccines For?

Vaccines are used to help introduce tiny amounts of preventable diseases to cats and dogs in order to help your pet fight the disease should he or she ever encounter the disease naturally.  The disease is introduced so that your pet's body is able to generate antibodies to fight the disease.  Should your pet encounter the disease his or her body then has a memory of how to fight and beat the disease.  In some cases, your pet can be completely immune to the disease and in others, it will make the disease less severe should your pet contract the illness.

What are Core Vaccines?

Core vaccines are the essential vaccines recommended for cats and dogs.  A rabies vaccine is recommended, and in most states required, for both cats and dogs.  For dogs, they must also receive a vaccine for canine distemper and parvovirus, as well as hepatitis.  Cats require vaccines for herpes virus, feline panleukopenia, and calicivirus.

What is a Normal Vaccine Schedule?

Most cats and dogs receive their first vaccines between 8-12 weeks of age.  For the next few weeks, your cat or dog will continue to receive boosters to help build the antibody memory within your pet's body.  Following the initial round of vaccines your pet will need a refresher vaccine either every year or every three years, depending on the vaccine.

Why Must you Continue Vaccinations?

It is important to continue with regular vaccinations in order to keep the antibody memory built up within your pet.  Having a new small dose of the disease introduced into the body will help your pet remember how to fight the disease.  By having regular wellness exams you can be sure your pet will stay up to date on all the necessary pet vaccinations.

How Can K. Vet Animal Care Help?

At K. Vet Animal Care we can help keep you on schedule with your core vaccines.  We will help perform a wellness exam and verify that your pet is in good health and ready to be vaccinated.  Further, we will work with you to understand your pet's lifestyle and suggest any additional vaccines that may help keep your pet safe.  This can include vaccines against Bordetella or Lyme disease.  Keeping your pet vaccinated is the first step in helping him or her lead a happy and healthy life.

Contact Our K. Vet Animal Care in Greensburg, PA!

If you are looking for a Greensburg Veterinarian to help you navigate the different vaccines needed for proper animal care we are the right choice for you.  At K. Vet Animal Care we care about your pets like they were our own.  We can help with cat or dog shots, and wellness exams following the vaccinations.  We are located at 1 Gibraltar Way, Greensburg, PA 15601.  To schedule, an appointment calls us at 724-216-5174.


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