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Exotic Pet Services at K. Vet Animal Care

Not everyone sticks with the time-honored tradition of owning a dog or cat. Did you know, for instance, that fish represent the popular choice of pet in America? If you'd like to spice up your life with an exotic animal such as a "pocket pet," bird, reptile, or fish, you need to provide the right kind of care for these fascinating creatures. Here at K. Vet Animal Care in Greensburg, we have the veterinary expertise and knowledge to care for your exotic pet and help you make the right decisions as an exotic pet owner.

Special Needs of Exotic Pets

What kind of exotic pet can you reasonably accommodate? You'll need to give your new friend a healthy, comfortable environment. An aquatic turtle will need an aquarium, while a land tortoise will want a bright, warm basking space with a consistent source of fresh water on the side. Some types of exotic birds will need enclosures large enough to accommodate their needs and possibly even outdoor aviaries. You'll need to provide the right kind of bedding material for your particular animal, changing it regularly to prevent disease.

Diet can be another tricky issue. Some animals with restrictive diets based on their species may become fat or sick if given the wrong kinds of foods to eat. For example, sugar gliders can get very sick if their food contains the wrong ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Some snakes are content to eat insects, while others must be fed mice. Last but not least, exotic animals can present some unique health challenges, such as incomplete shedding that can threaten snakes' tail circulation. These and other concerns are all great reasons to entrust your exotic pet to an experienced veterinarian.

Our Greensburg Veterinarian Can Keep Your Exotic Friend Healthy

Our Greensburg veterinarian and exotic pet expert, Dr. Hougentogler, can help you take the best possible care of your exotic animal. We treat most any kind of exotic pet, except for venomous snakes. Comprehensive wellness exams help us spot any symptoms or abnormalities as soon as possible so we can start the appropriate treatment. If you have a pet bird, bring him to us for avian grooming services. We can also recommend the ideal enclosure, diet, and climate for your unusual companion.

Learn More by Contacting Our Veterinary Hospital

Exotic friends can add a lot of joy to your life, but it's up to you to return the favor by providing a lifetime of proper healthcare. Call our veterinary hospital at 724-216-5174!

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