In many of the same ways that people benefit from Physical Rehabilitation, your animal companion can also benefit from Rehab programs specifically tailored to his/her needs. At K. Vet Animal Care, we have a fully equipped Rehab facility with state-of-the-art technology and expertise. Your rehab experience at K. Vet will be coordinated by Dr.Wong, our Certified Rehabilitation Therapist. Dr. Wong is a graduate of the Rehabilitation Therapy program at Healing Oasis Wellness Center.

Indications for Rehab

·       Before and After Surgery

·       After an injury

·       Overweight

·       Changes in gait or posture

·       Degenerative neurologic disease

·       Disc problems

·       Heart problems

·       Cross training for athletes

Fully equipped, state of the art facility

Underwater Treadmill: Oasis Underwater Treadmill to challenge your pet and enhance his/her Rehab experience.

Therapeutic Laser: Companion Class IV Laser

Land Treadmill: For endurance work, gait training, and cardiovascular conditioning.

Full complement of Exercise and stability equipment. Allowing us to design a program unique to your pet's needs and challenges.


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