Your pet may benefit from physical rehabilitation services, specifically adapted to his or her needs. At the Cabin Spa by K. Vet, just a mile from our main hospital location, we offer full service, advanced physical rehabilitation for your companion. Your rehab experience will be coordinated by Dr. Halden, our Certified Rehabilitation Therapist, in collaboration with our veterinarians.

Here as some indications for physical rehabilitation:

  • before and after orthopedic surgery to improve mobility and reduce scarring and stiffness
  • post orthopedic injury to strengthen muscles and support connective tissue
  • changes in gait or posture
  • degenerative neurologic disease with weakness
  • spinal disc problems
  • cardiac disease
  • obesity
  • cross training for athletes
  • ....and to augment the effect of other treatments that you might be doing with us, like chiropractic care, acupuncture  and laser therapy.

Cabin Spay by K. Vet - state of the art and fully equipped!

At the Cabin Spa by K. Vet you will find our centerpiece of rehabilitation: the versatile Oasis Underwater Treadmill, ​which may assist your pet during her or his recovery and enhance the rehabilitation experience. With underwater exercises we can reduce the weight bearing effort during exercise and at the same time intensify the aerobic output and strength gaining process.

We love our laser therapy results of our  ​Companion Animal​ ​class 4 therapeutic laser ​so much, we keep one at each location both at the main hospital on Gibralter 1 and at the Cabin Spa on South Main Street. 

Land Treadmill. For endurance work, gait training, and cardiovascular conditioning and for pets who prefer not to exercise in water or have an excluding medical condition.

Full complement of Exercise and stability equipment.  All our "toys" allow us to design a personalized rehabilitation and exercise program unique to your pet's needs and challenges.

Dr. Halden is a graduate of the Rehabilitation Therapy program at Healing Oasis Wellness Center. This prestigious program has limited enrollment to ensure that its graduates are fully prepared and best suited to the practice of Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy. It is highly recognized and fully accredited for its academic programs. Dr. Halden has been at K. Vet, as our Certified Animal Chiropractor, since 2012.


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